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Gérard Le Guern was born in the town of Concarneau, Brittany in 1955. His family originates from the region.
After his studies, Gérard came to Paris and met the director of a design and advertising agency based in Montmartre. Here, he learnt and acquired illustrator, roughman (drawing of plans), and graphic design competencies.
In 1980 , he became a free-lance graphic designer.
In 1985 , he created and set-up his own creative design agency.
In 2000 , while still managing his free-lance studio, Gérard began painting and registered at the Maison des Artistes where he obtained the status of painter/illustrator.
in 2010 , Parallel to these engagements,Gérard became the resident artist for a creative workshop called “Room 13”, organised in a high school in the Parisian suburbs in order to introduce the arts to young people in difficulty.
In 2015 , after a 3-year break in activity and all while resuming painting, Gérard embarked on a new project and published a collection of short stories entitled “Un Léger Regard”, details of which can be found in the "News/actualité" tab.
Direction : Kévin Rogale  -  Legal mention  -  Translation by Lisa Marin  -  Copyright ©2007 Gérard Le Guern