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Africa Brittany Bigoudenes
Taking inspiration from sketches, documents, photos or his own imagination, he works large scales on a variety of supports. These can be acrylics on canvas, especially on wood and on paletts; he first preps the support by scraping, sanding and adding wood paste. For Le Guern, the preparation of the wooden support is as interesting and important as the subject itself; the framing being an integral part of the painting.

Although the French region of Brittany is his favourite theme, he is also interested in portraiture, African masks, and enjoys experimenting with the use of texture and symbols.

2004 marked the beginning of his exhibits and shows: at the Town Hall of Concarneau, at a friend’s restaurant in New York, in Paris then in Vietnam and other cities on atlantic french coast: Pont Aven,Quimper, Bénodet, Belle ile, Dinard, Yeu.
Direction : Kévin Rogale  -  Legal mention  -  Translation by Lisa Marin  -  Copyright ©2007 Gérard Le Guern